Millennium Gardens, Fox Street

The Parish Council have met with SLDC to look at how to rejuvenate the Millennium Gardens, and bring back this beautiful green, peaceful and relaxing space from its lost and sorry state.
As with all these ventures we need your help, your ideas, your creativity to make a change.  Coming together as a group we can brainstorm these ideas and work with SLDC to improve the gardens.  SLDC will support the group along the way, seeking out funding, any paperwork involved and establishing a maintenance program.
If you are keen to be involved, in any way possible, big or small, send us an email with the subject heading ‘Millennium Gardens’.  Or simply comment “I’m in” on this post and we can see that you are interested.  All ages are welcome.
We are mindful not everyone is on social media, so tell your neighbours and spread the word.  Please don’t feel left out, give us a call, write to us, every idea will be collected and discussed.
This is a wonderful opportunity for the community to make good these gardens and turn them into something we are all proud of for the next 20 years!