Local Government Act 1972
Parish of Pennington
Notice of Meeting of Parish Council
Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Parish Council of Pennington will be held at
Pennington Parish Rooms

On Monday the 16th October 2017 at 7.00pm.
The meeting will be open to the public unless the Council directs otherwise

1.   Apologies
2.   Minutes of the Last Meeting
3.   Declaration of Councillor Interests
4.   Public Participation by
Question & Comment
5.   Community Led Plan
a.    Schedule attached
a. Progress report
6. Swarthmoor
a. Playground report
b. Bus shelters
c. Proposed Cross-a-Moor development
7. Loppergarth
a. Playground report
b. Playground equipment
8. Remembrance Day
a. Wreath & service
9. Parish Council
a. New web site
b. Formulation of budget
c. Decision on precept
d. Risk management policy
e. Parish Charter
f. War Memorial Workshop report
10.  Sunnyside & Parish Rooms
a.  Parish Rooms Risk Assessment
11. Invoices for Payment/Receipts
a.  Schedule attached
12. Planning Applications
a. Schedule attached
13. Correspondence
a. Schedule Attached
14. Date of Next Meeting & Items for the agenda

Dated this 7th day of  Octoberber 2017

Signed     _______________

Clerk to Pennington Parish Council      Christine Braithwaite Tel: 01229 584338
Invoices Due for Payment
Clerk’s Expenses
Computer allowance  £25.00
Telephone calls     £3.00
Payments Received
Sunnyside rent £420.00

Planning Applications
a)Parkers Bulb Catalogue