Community Distribution List

Dear residents,

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the way that many of go about our lives. Channels of communication are increasingly important and we have been using Community Chat,  the parish website and parish Facebook pages to keep the community as informed on issues affecting the parish, as possible. We hold a small number of email contact details for individual members of the community and as a parish council would like to build on that method of communication.  We propose to develop a community distribution list so that emails can be sent direct to residents. The information we will share will include notification of road works, community consultations,  events etc. Emails will be sent out using the ‘bcc’ function to ensure we keep all contact details private. Any information shared with us will be held on a password protected device and will not be shared with any other individuals, agencies etc. We will remove private email addresses from the distribution list on request.  If you would like to receive information via a mailing list please contact the parish clerk at